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Welcome to WHARAM.ORG

This information has been compiled by Glenn James. I am a great-great grandson of James Oldham Wharam. Much of the oral history was passed to me by my grandmother, Eleanor Wharam Derrenbacker, eldest child of Matilda Ann Raikes and Reuben Hudgins Wharam (son of James Oldham Wharam).  I was inspired in this effort by my first cousin once removed M. D. Wharam and his wife Sheila.

Thanks are owed to many friends in England, including Patricia Berriman, Peter Butler, Walter Hobson, Ann Keen, Brenda Walshaw, and Gordon Wharam and his parents, Mr. & Mrs. Eric Wharam (of Skelmanthorpe). Institutional sources include the Huddersfield & District Family History Society in Meltham, the Barnsley Family History Society in Barnsley, Archives of both West and East Yorkshire, and town libraries of Huddersfield and Beverley. I have personally visited all of the people and place-names referenced herein.

For additions and/or corrections, please contact me at:

Glenn James

P. O. Box 14248

Norfolk, Virginia 23518-0248



Sorry, this graphic is not clickable - you will have to enter this e-mail address manually into your e-mail client. This is necessary in order to keep the e-mail address from being harvested by spammers.  I had to cancel a former wharam.org e-mail address and an on-line contact form after spammers exploited those formats.

This web site was begun on March 18, 2004.


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