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Want to download a full size, high-resolution picture of James O. Wharam?  Right click on the links below and select "Save Target As"

WharamSepia.jpg -OR- WharamBandW.jpg - File size is 182 KB.


Here is a PDF copy of James O. Wharam's Confederate War Records from the National Archives:


File size is 2 MB (download will be slow for dial-up)


Here is a PDF copy of views from the Buckingham Baptist Church cemetery showing the graves of James O. Wharam and Mary Elizabeth Robertson Wharam (Grandma Dolley):

WharamGraves.pdf - File size is 630 KB


Here is a PDF copy of a 1999 view of Moor Lane Farm, west of Netherthong, West Yorkshire.  This was James O. Wharam's home place prior to his running away and coming to Virginia:

Moor Lane Farm.pdf - File size is 99 KB


More downloads coming soon.

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